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Military Rd, North Bondi NSW 2026

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Female Only: Saturday 16th July @11am

Are You Looking For A...

Bondi Personal Trainer Who Provides Comfort, Motivation and Cares for you?

Bondi Personal Training for those who struggle with motivation and aren’t getting the results they need. Apply for your free consult below.

Bondi Personal Training with incredible harbour views and Bondi Beach scenery

Bondi Fitness Training with the best views in Sydney

Get strong, transform your body and enjoy the views of Bondi.

Personal training in North Bondi with rooftop views
Bamboo bar box squat with stone plates
Outdoor training a client with bench press made from wood, bamboo and stone with Bondi personal trainer
Wooden bench press with bamboo bar and stone weights
Seated dumbbell shoulder press with bondi beach in the background
Single arm shoulder press with wooden dumbbell

All fitness levels welcome

Work closely with your trainer To achieve the results you want, fast.

You’re never left behind. With 1-on-1 or group training, you get direct access and work closely with your coach to achieve your goals much quicker.

Bondi Personal Training Where...

Workouts are customised For your fitness level

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, your fitness trainer will progress you at each session.

Jungle Fit is your...

Bondi Personal Trainer That Guarantees Results

Your 1:1 and group fitness training sessions come with guaranteed results.

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