Bondi Jungle Fit presents...

FITNESS Speed Dating

Ages 29-45

Find Your Fit Lover Flirting is best done in nature, not online

When meeting someone in person, you know if the ‘vibe’ is right within minutes.

And when you meet them on the sand, share intimate workouts and chat, it just flows so much easier.

They know you’re single, you know they’re available and you both love fitness.

Join our fitness speed dating event to flirt, workout, chat and meet your new love.

Find Your FiT With Bondi Jungle Fit

You Have More Pleasure When You Do It Together.

Intimate Workouts With Up To 10 Different Partners.

Share mini workouts with 10 partners to feel who you 'click' with most.

Rotate With 5 Minute Speed Dates.

Speed date and chat with each partner to reveal what makes you - 'you'. Perhaps you have way more in common than you think.

Fitness Ice-Breakers.

We give you ice-breakers to get things going. No more awkward silences. The best conversations occur when you feel relaxed and chat about things you have in common.

Speed Date With Those of Similar Age Bracket.

A singles event where people have similar interests, wisdom and life experiences as you.

Find Love in Nature With Nature You're much more understood when training with wood.

Nature helps you connect better with people. Your Bondi Jungle fitness speed dating event is done on the sand, surrounded with equipment made from wood, bamboo and stone.

Train in nature and find love with nature. 9 members of the opposite sex are waiting for you.

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