Searching for the most FUN group fitness Training on Bondi Beach?

BONDI JUNGLE FIT Make New Friends, Get Fit and Meet Your Future Workout Partner!

Australia's Only

Jungle Themed Outdoor Group Personal Training Equipment made from Wood, Bamboo & Stone

Bench press, squat and deadlift with bamboo bars and stone plates. Lift logs, swing stone kettlebells, curl wooden dumbbells, push wooden sleds and put your body to the test for the fastest, most exciting fitness transformation you’ll ever encounter.

All equipment is designed to stress your body in ways traditional equipment can’t. From the bamboo bar flexing, handling wooden dumbbells, swinging stone kettlebells and lifting thick logs…your body changes fast. Really fast.

So, if you’re searching for group fitness or 1:1 Personal Training in Bondi to help with the way you look, then look no further.

Make New Friends, Have Fun and Get Results With Our Outdoor Group Fitness on Bondi Beach

Outdoor Group Fitness Training On The Sand - Bondi Beach

Train in the sun with wood, bamboo and stone, with lots of variety and intensity for the ultimate workout.

Perform Exercises With Others ...and help each other achieve new goals

Make new friends, meet new people & your future workout partner

Guys and girls of all ages, beginners and all fitness levels welcome

Experience the one and only training of its kind on the beach

45 minutes of FUN full-body workouts with HUGE variety and intensity

The Most Fun Group Fitness on Bondi Beach. Help each other achieve new goals.

BONDI JUNGLE FIT Train in Nature With Nature